This a specialty which treats rheumatic discases. It follows the diseases which commit tendons, joints, the synovial membrane, cartilage, muscles, hones, synovial fluids and burses. It treats pathologies such as arthritis, arthrosis, degeneration of articulations, per-iarticular tissues, calcarcous deposits in burses and tendons. It also treats bone discases, bone malformations and inefficient bone remodeling and all the situations where the increase of intra-articular liquid generated by infectious, be it auto-immune or of unknown causes.

It is one of the oldest specialties, mentioned before Christ, during the Roman Empire and also the Greek Empire.

Amongst discases which are treated, we have the following:
Rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosos, dermatomyositis, progressive systemic sclerosis, Sjorgens disease, Sarcoidose Amiloidose, mixes Disease of Conjunctive Tissue and Antifosfolopifeous syndrome.

Reiter’s syndrome; psoric arthritis, reactive arthritis, reactive arthritis and anquilosating espondilitis, together with other degenerative discases such as osteoarthritis, are accompanied by this specialty.

Diseases of blood vessels, such as vasculitis, infant rheumatic diseases, such as rheumatic fever, back pains, repeated effort diseases (LER/DORT), bursitis, and tendonitis are also studies by this specialty. Osteoporosis is also included in this specialty and great advances have been achieved in the treatments of this pathology. We can say that Infectious arthritis and good are already under control and can be eradicated.

In the last decade, new drugs have appeared in this specialty which has revolutionized Rheumatology. These drugs have changed rheumatic discases and there is new hope for treatment, since they act on the course of the disease and not only on sings and symptoms.

Through studies in Immunology and Bio Medicine, there have been new advances in the practice of therapy in rheumatology. Today we can say that most rheumatic discases are under control, preventing deformities and sequels which were observed in the past, allowing for a better quality of life for our patients.

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