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Interview Jovem Pan Radio – Broccoli and diabetes

Article Diário de São Paulo – 3-day menu for diabetes
v Interview television show “Mais você” hosted by Ana Maria Braga – White tea and its useful applications.

Corpo a Corpo magazine – Food that prevent diseases: yogurt, shitake mushrooms, garlic, zinc and carrot. They improve the immune system and avoid diseases.

Corpo a Corpo magazine no. 233 – Orthomolecular Aesthetics, beauty under measure. There is a necessity to reposition the antioxidants – says Dr. Sylvana Braga – Silicon may be added to a glycolic acid peeling, which helps the formation of collagen

Rádio Nacional AM Interview – Food and immune system

Rádio Elektra Interview – Food and immune system

Agora magazine – Agora newspaper, São Paulo – Sushi with no excess – Do eat sushi in small portions. The excess of soy sauce and white rice cause gain weight and retention of fluids.

Pense Leve magazine – Orthomolecular diet

Saúde Análise magazine- The most celebrated physicians in 2008 – Dr. Sylvana Braga – Page 301 – member of International League of Association for Rheumatology.
Coordinator: course of rheumatic diseases, DMR-Hospital das Clínicas

Claudia magazine – Orthomolecular Beauty

Cosmopolitan magazine – Guava for heart – Rich with lycopene and soluble fibers

Corpo a Corpo magazine – november – n.227 – White strong tea

Abril Publishing – n.291 – november – The most noble of all teas

Ocnewspaper O legado – Campinas, SP

Profissão Beleza magazine n.45 – Coffee makes us beautiful

Difusora Radio 810 AM interview – September 20, 3:00 pm – Ginger as anti-inflammatory agent

Estilo Saúde show – Host: Solange Frazao –

The benefits of ginger – Rede Mulher TV channel

Super Prática magazine – Year 2 – Volume 2 – Green tea

Dieta Fácil magazine, Extra n.1 – Fruits’ diet

Injuries- How avoid injuries at work – Vencer magazine

Pineapple – Eating pineapple may protect bones

Coffee – A new ally for facial rejuvenation

Abril Publishing – Plástica e Beleza magazine – Facial homemade masks

Abril Publishing – Viva Leve magazine

Abril Publishing – Dieta Fácil magazine – Fruit-based menu

Newspaper of the city of Jundiaí – The effects of chocolate on health

Diário de Campos, Ponta Grossa, Paraná – Chocolate

Cosmopolitan magazine – Tidbits under suspect

Yahoo news – Red guava superstar


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