Orthomolecular Practice

Orthomolecular practice aims the balance of human body cells and molecules thru therapeutic interventions. It has a support on aesthetics and it is based on the principles of orthomolecular practice, which aims the balance of skin cells and molecules.

We combine nutritional reeducation with an appropriate diet and we also encourage a healthy life style. Minerals in excessive amounts must be eliminated from the body, for instance: iron, cadmium, lead, aluminium, and mercury.

Rheumatology, with its recent grand accomplishments in the last years, has given us new hopes to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of rheumatic diseases, and by combining it with physical rehabilitation, we are able to prevent or avoid articulatory and posture deformities and disabilities. Medicine for prevention aims to avoid diseases and its sequelae. We emphasize prevention as a tool to prevent diseases like diabetes, obesity, arterial hypertension and high amounts of cholesterol in the blood stream.

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